5 Simple Tips To Setting Up Your First Website

Nearly everybody has some sort of website or blog these days and the simple reason is it is so easy to set up. A lot of people are using blogger or wordpress blog to do this, but, if you want your own site you need to move away from these blogs so you can be the sole owner of your own site. Places like blogger and wordpress blog, though they are fine, you really never own your site. If they where to close down you could lose all your good hard work you have done. Now, there are some very simple steps you can do to own your own site, design your own site with wordpress, and here I will give you 5 simple steps. First ask yourself what you want this site for. Lots of people use sites for fun, for personal journals, photos, etc, but recently a huge surge in people wanting to make money online through affiliate marketing (similar to what I do) are looking to learn how to set up a site to make money with, and the great thing is, this is pretty easy to do. Follow the steps below, own and control your own site.

1. Buy A Domain Name

Your domain name is the actual name of your site. What is your site for? Is it personal? My personal site for writing is The Ranting Beast.com, that is the domain name, it is a personal name, a site for poetry etc. but not to make money with. If you intend to build your first site to make some money with (affiliate links etc.) choose a name that people are actually searching for as the name of the domain you choose is very important to the search engines. Use companies like 1 and 1 hosting, Go Daddy or Namescheap to buy your domain, this should only cost around $4-7 a year, nothing and you can buy as many Domain names as you like. I use 1 and 1 hosting as I find them very professional and easy to use.

2. Buy Your Hosting

Your hosting is where you will store your domain, and your website. Think of your domain as you buying your house, and your hosting as the land you will build it on. Building your site on your own hosting gives you full responsibility and control over everything which is very important. I use Hostgator which is an amazing company but the are plenty of others, 1 and 1 have their own hosting, also Blue Host, Web Hosting Pad, Host Upon and Just Hope, all decent companies. Expect to pay around $90 dollars a year for your hosting which is pretty decent. Check out Hostgator for deals, they are usually pretty excellent for different types of plans. I use the Baby plan which allows me unlimited Domain names which is of-course important if you plan to build affiliate sites.

3. Uploading WordPress

So you have your website name (domain name) and you have your place to store it (hosting) now for the easiest part, uploading wordpress. Inside your c-panel of your hosting you will find a section called Fantastico, you simply click on this, find your domain name, click on upload wordpress, fill in a few details, and that should be it, you now have the shell of a website, waiting to be tweaked and made to look pretty. WordPress is relativity new to some people though it is around a long time. Many do not know how to use it, but trust me, when you get the hang of it, it is way too easy. You just need to decide on a theme (how your site will look) and fix it up. It beats having to learn html codes and is very simple. If you are new to or know nothing about wordpress, go here and learn how to use wordpress.

4. Choose Your Plug-Ins

Plug-Ins are little apps you could say, that you add to your site to help with the design or SEO (how your site will look and be found in the search engines.) There are thousands of these plug-ins and some are quite amazing. But just choose a few like social media buttons, comment tabs, site maps, contact forms and privacy policies etc and you will notice your site starting to take a nice shape as you design it yourself.

5. Add Content

Now, the most important part, adding content to your site. This is quite obvious of-course but you would be surprised how many add terrible content or content that is not their own, and this simply will not bring traffic to your site. Have a nice home page, about page, and use the blog setting to add regular quality content to your site. The more quality content you have, content that will help people in what they are searching for, the more visitors you will attract. Even if your site is for fun, or making money, at the end of the day, if your content is interesting, people will stay, come back, and importantly, share it.


Quickly, it’s as simple as this, buy your domain, buy your hosting, upload wordpress, tweak and design site, add content after content, wham bam, you now own your own site and control all that goes on there. Hopefully these simple steps will help you or inspire you to take the next step and own your own site. Do you intent to build your own site? Are you afraid as I was with the task on hand? Let me know your views below and hopefully I can help, good luck.

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