9 Effective Ways To Make Your Tenders Stand Out

Whether you are a new or established supplier, tenders present a coveted opportunity to win high-value contracts. Winning a valuable tender could change the course of your business! That being said, beating the fierce competition isn’t necessarily a piece of cake. It’s crucial to pull all the stops to make your tender proposal get noticed.

In this post, we’re sharing expert tips to make your tenders stand out from the competition. Take a look.

Research The Buyer

It’s crucial to realise that your tender proposal should focus on the buyer. In addition to thoroughly reading the tender requirements, you should also research the buyer.

IS the buyer trying to solve a particular problem? What kind of proposal have they won in the past? Do they want to meet a certain objective?  Understanding such insights is going to give you an edge over the other suppliers. You can utilise this information to tailor your proposal to the prospective buyer.

Plan Your Process

Before you jump into writing the proposal, we urge you to have a plan in place. Planning the response ensures that all the necessary details are mentioned. On the other hand, an evaluator could easily tell if your response was rushed. So take your time writing a tender proposal.

Gather a Team

Writing a tender proposal is a time-consuming process, especially if you are competing for multiple tenders. That’s why you need a reliable team in place. Put together a team that can quickly draft compelling and compliant tender documents.

Don’t Undersell

Many suppliers make the mistake of underselling their products or services. A tender proposal is your opportunity to impress the buyer and persuade them to give you the contract. So don’t undersell yourself! We encourage you to mention your achievements, past projects, client testimonials and other relevant details. Remember to back your claims with supportive evidence.

Follow Template or Format

If you ignore the format or template specified by the buyer, it could be grounds for rejection. In addition to following the format and template, you also must adhere to the word count.

Strategically Use Formatting Tools

Just because you are following a format doesn’t mean your proposal has to look boring. From bullet points to brand colours, you can incorporate different elements to visually enhance your proposal. Using such formatting tools also improves the readability of your document.

Get Clarifications

Though you might not be obligated to attend a pre-tender meeting, it’s advisable to participate. This meeting can give you key insights into what the prospect wants. Moreover, it also gives you an opportunity to clear any doubts you may have regarding the requirements.


Carefully Proofread

While grammatical errors may not seem like a big deal, they can create a poor impression on the evaluator. We urge you to carefully proofread the document before submitting it. It would also be helpful to ask other team members to take a look and ensure the proposal is free from any errors.

Learn From The Experts

Is this your first time competing for tenders? Understandably, the tendering process can feel overwhelming. We recommend signing up for a tender writing course and training offered by industry experts. Doing this will help you improve your tender writing skills and enhance your organization’s capabilities. It’s a good investment as you’ll be continuously competing for tenders.

The Bottom Line

Tenders are a feasible way to grow your business in a competitive market. If your previous attempts haven’t been successful, the aforementioned tips will help you improve your future proposals. However, if you lack the time or skills, it would be best to involve an experienced professional for your tender requirements.

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