Beware The Internet Marketing Scammers Are Out To Get You

So the article written over on the Verge Blog has caused quite a stir in the Internet Marketing world causing debate, fear and chaos while exposing some of the top Internet Marketers as scammers and tainting a whole industry as one big web of people ripping of the vulnerable, peeing of a whole lot of IM’ers, not bad for one article. Upon reading the article (which will at least take you 20 minutes) I have to say I loved it, agreed with some of the points that there are people out there creating false products and making millions from the unsuspecting public and this needed to be addressed.

As I read down the article which I will leave a link for below, I came across some of the videos and sales pitches these so called top Internet Marketing Gurus have created and wow, they blew me away how crude and false they sound and look. And I asked myself, do people really fall for this crap? and unfortunately the answer is yes. A discussion on a blog post posted in Wealthy Affiliate yesterday brought some excellent discussion on where the term Internet Marketing is heading and its future, and also while this discussion was going on in the comment area I seen a post from a woman who was informing us that in the past she had be ripped off of 18 thousand dollars, and I nearly had a heart attack, and she wasn’t the only one who had fell in to traps buying useless product after product and it really opened my eyes.

What to Do?

These type of people are giving a whole industry (IM) a bad name and in reality are a small but devastating minority. You really need to be-careful these days on the Internet and use common sense. The old cliche of ‘If its to good to be true’ should always be your motto. The ‘Make Money Online’ niche is really peeing me off lately and is saturated with bad marketing. Look at it this way as I do, if a new cookbook is been promoted that promises that ‘after one read you will instantly be a chef’ you would probably just laugh, products that say ‘use this software and you will make instant cash’ should get the same reaction, it never works and some of these products sell in the hundreds.

Stick To The Good Guys

You may ask yourself, how do I Know a legit good guy? It’s pretty simple, research. Take a look around the Internet and research, there is no escaping the net. I have subscribed over the years to many of these Gurus emails as I trained to be a Marketer, and I have to say, most of the emails I get are quite persuasive but I have been lucky not to buy products that sound to good to be true, but lucky enough to buy some I researched such as Brian Johnson’s Halloween Super Affiliate and becoming a member of Wealthy Affiliate. There are plenty of amazing Internet Marketers out there who are willing to help you, to create products that help you so do not be afraid of these people.

Some of the good guys who are been labeled the same as these scumbags are Lisa from ’2 Create a Website’ one of my favourite people online. Brian Johnson, Joel Comm and Kyle and Carson from Wealthy Affiliate, these are the people who have helped me on my way to been successful online. I actually feel sorry for the genuine professionals who make the time to help people succeed online, to actually build an online business for themselves and hope that this type of rubbish does not deter people from trying to honestly make money online. Remember, there are bad eggs in every industry, look at the banking industry, Mafia are now ‘legit’ businessmen, Restaurants falsely advertising etc etc and these are always a minority. Becareful with your money and emails you subscribe to. If you are new to Internet Marketing, choose your mentor wisely.

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