Five Tips for Virtual Event Engagement to Keep Attendees Involved

Due to the increased distractions and shorter attention spans in virtual events, it can be difficult for online attendees to engage in your event fully.

Event organizers must recognize this fact and develop a solid engagement strategy that keeps attendees engaged in the event experience. This strategy should be included in your virtual events plan from the beginning.

These are some suggestions to help you increase engagement and encourage maximum participation from your attendees.

Get Engaged with Event Platforms

A virtual event platform with top-quality interactive features will set the stage for audience engagement. A platform should allow you to create unique user profiles and tailor event agendas. They give each attendee an individual experience on the forum. A directory of users should be available on the platform to facilitate networking between speakers and attendees.

It should be able to stream live interactively with embedded tools that allow for questions, polls, and comments by attendees. The platform should have tools for networking among attendees, such as:

Public discussion forum

Meeting scheduling

Video chats in 1:1.

A platform that allows instant communication, such as emailing or sending push notifications, is essential to inform attendees about upcoming events on the custom-made agenda.

Make sure you have all the features you need for your event before signing a contract.

Make Your Event Content Resonate with the Audience

Engagement is a crucial driver of audience engagement. Find event topics that resonate with your target audience. This can be done by asking staff and clients, as well as past audiences, to participate in a survey before the event. You should also track the most popular searches on Google related to your industry and event goals.

You can use the information you gleaned from research to help plan event content or create speaking session topics. Potential speakers can also be involved in the content discussion and may offer their assistance in framing issues.

After the hard work in topic selection, it is time to focus on presentation quality. To win over virtual audiences, you need to have high production quality. You should pay attention to the presentation slide design, crisp audio, and high-quality video. To enhance the quality of your sessions, consider creating 3D virtual experiences.

Focus on tailoring event content to audience needs and creating high-quality production to engage your audience.

Gamification and Entertainment

Online visitors have short attention spans, so it is vital to include fun elements in virtual events. To put people at ease, create fun or entertaining activities between sessions. Here are some ideas:

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