How law firms can get started with content marketing

What does Content Marketing have to do With Law Firms? Leading law firms use content marketing to build their brand and attract new clients.

The State Of Digital & Content Marketing For Law Firms Survey shows that the number of law firm blogs has increased fourfold in the past five years.

How can you make sure your potential clients choose your content over the content of other law firms?

How do you get your team to buy in and drive your content marketing efforts? These questions, and many more, will be answered by us. But first…

Content Marketing: What is it?

Content marketing is a strategy to market your business. It involves creating and publishing valuable content that engages and converts your customers.

Imagine your firm as the top search result when someone searches for “How do I find a lawyer?”. More potential clients would learn about your firm and consider it a reliable source. If your specialties match their needs, they will be more likely to choose your firm.

Content marketing is not about selling. It’s about connecting with potential clients and building trust. Instead of sending unwanted marketing messages to potential clients, content marketing provides information and insight to help clients make better decisions.

Content marketing is about helping potential clients solve their most challenging problems and pain points.

Content Marketing: How to Grow Your Law Firm

You might be thinking: If I provide free expert insight and answer any legal questions a potential customer may have, won’t this make them less likely to hire my law firm? No. They are more likely to hire you.

Each legal issue and case is unique. Your content can’t, and should not, replace legal consultation.

You can build trust by providing helpful information that answers potential clients’ initial questions.

More than 80% of consumers conduct online research before making a purchase. Search engines are one of their first stops.

You can make it easier for potential clients to find your firm online by publishing quality content that uses the keywords they are searching for.

Our research shows that articles of around 1,200 words are more likely to rank for your audience’s most relevant keywords, considering the cost, time, effort, and cost.

However, your law firm will still be able to rank higher in search results by creating more promotional content.

Search engines today are sophisticated enough to identify websites that offer real value and those that manipulate search rankings.

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