How to bring your brand marketing in-house after working with an Ad Agency

An ad agency has been your trusted partner for many years. Although it has been a great partnership, you are still determining if it is necessary anymore. You have a solid team. You’re confident that your team can handle your marketing internally. But where should you begin?

It can be daunting to untether from an agency, especially if your experience with outsourcing the responsibility is familiar. It can be an intelligent decision. You can enjoy a few key benefits when everything is in-house.

The first is the possibility of substantial cost savings. It can be costly to hire an agency for brand marketing and advertising. Executives will appreciate being able to see exactly where each penny is going.

Second, removing the “middleman” can result in faster response times. A campaign isn’t working. It can take days to notify agencies and plan a pivot. It is easier to make real-time adjustments if the movement can be monitored by employees.

Working alone brings all branding back into the company. Your team will need to come up with all the creative ideas. If your team is up to the innovation challenge, you might end up with great products and projects. You can also hire independent contractors when you have specific artwork or design requirements.

Are you interested in the freedom of being in charge of your advertising and marketing? These are the best practices to remember when you end your agency contract.

Accept the art of negotiation.

Your ad agency has been doing all the negotiations for your ads and placements. You will be responsible for moving your advertising in-house. You should improve your negotiation skills.

Marc Anidjar, the founder partner of Anidjar & Levine, used the fundamental premise that deals are made to facilitate a smooth transition when they decided to bring their advertising in-house. The relationship should be a win-win. Both sides must realize that success depends on the other. He says that as one party grows, so does another.”

There may be staff members who can negotiate for a living. To help improve your team’s collective bargaining skills, ask them for their advice. This will ensure you always get the best rate for your media purchases.

Get rid of your corporate branding.

Reviving your marketing is an excellent excuse to update your corporate branding. You’re doing so many new things. Give your brand image a fresh look.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to reinvent everything about your corporate image. It would help if you still examined everything, from your logo to your preferred language. Consider this: Does a phrase seem out of place, especially after all that has happened to the world? Do you need your organization to return to its pre-pandemic tone?

An Edelman survey surveyed consumers’ expectations for brand messaging during the 2020 pandemic.

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