Internet Marketing As A Career

I’m often asked should I read a certain Internet marketing book? And in truth to be honest you should be reading some marketing books, but that’s because you need to understand marketing before you can truly understand Internet marketing. It’s worth going into your local Waterstones and perusing the marketing section, then pulling down one of the larger textbooks and having a read through that. That should keep you have reasonably good grounding in marketing so that you can start to understand why you need to do certain things using Internet marketing.

It’s worth remembering that Internet marketing is just marketing using a different channel. However there will be many people who suggest that books are far too outdated and wouldn’t be useful in this situation. I would always point them to the fact that the actual theories behind the work that Internet marketers do have not changed in over 200 years. If you are actually looking for a book which will tell you everything about Internet marketing, then yes there is no book that can actually keep pace with the speed at which Internet marketing is changing. For example one written three years ago would not take into account the huge changes within Facebook, and the changing face of e-commerce in the UK over the last year.

Learn to write properly

a key aspect of any work was undertaken within the umbrella of Internet marketing will involve an awful lot of writing. You will have to explain certain concepts and theories, as well as product benefits and features to potential customers and clients. If you can’t do this well, then you will fail within Internet marketing. A key thing within Internet marketing over the last six months is that unique content on your website, or your clients website is crucial to attract the search engine spiders and to ensure that you receive more visitors to that content.


I can just hear it now, everybody just groaned. Yes spreadsheets including Excel are crucial if you’re to progress in your career in Internet marketing. You will be required to analyse data, spot patterns, and also split out keywords pretty much every day. The key thing is when this data is presented correctly it is easy to optimise your website or that of your client, and so you can excel in Internet marketing.

Get some experience

It’s all very well reading forums, downloading the books, and listening to podcasts, but the best way into a career in Internet marketing is by learning the ropes using your own blog website. There are many websites out there that will show you how to install a WordPress blog, or how to write a small website in HTML. Once you have one of these up, use some of the information that you have learnt in order to try and drive some traffic to it. It’s this kind of experience that employers are actually looking for and will value very highly when looking to take someone additional onto the their Internet marketing team.

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