Internet Marketing Promotion – Dean Hollands Quick Start Challenge Review

Dean Holland went from nearly bankruptcy to being able to sell over $1 million, yes million dollars worth of products in 3 years. That is a really important statistic as many people struggle online to make  a living at all after several years efforts. Dean who is an internet marketer from the UK was able to achieve phenomenal success in internet marketing promotion where many others had previously failed. Dean attributes his ability to succeed online partly due to the fact that he decided not to go it alone  but decided to be mentored by another successful internet marketer. This was an important strategy in internet marketing promotion not because it meant Dean did not have to work hard which is far from the truth. Rather the major importance if this was that Dean was able to work hard on tasks which were important and not waste time and effort on tasks which were a distraction or off little importance  when you are starting to build a business.

Fast Forward 3 Years

Dean has sold over one million dollars worth of products with internet marketing promotion and has decided to now open the doors to his mentoring course titled Dean Hollands Quick Start Challenge. Stay with me here, Dean is offering to share the same strategies on the Quick Start Challenge that helped him sell over one million dollars worth of products and the cost of this was less than a night out. Not only that but during the 4 week training Dean is also offering each week a $5,000 prize to one of the attendees of the Challenge. The prize winner is chosen by Dean and awarded to one of the Challenge members each week who delivers the best metrics or output over the weeks Challenge.

Internet Marketing Promotion – Dean Hollands Quick Start Challenge Review Week 1

The Week 1 webinar was jam packed and lasted over two hours. Dean shared his background with us and how he got started in internet marketing promotion. A major focus on the first weeks webinar was on time management techniques. This is an important strategy to ensure that we were focusing on moving our business forward and not being distracted or procrastinating. A major success factor for internet marketing promotion is taking action, there is so much information available on the internet it is easy to get distracted and not actually achieve any measurable action and hence results. By managing your time more effectively you are able to be more productive and focused. Dean sets weekly challenges and these are designed to push your internet marketing learning experiences and achieve measurable improvements.

Internet Marketing Promotion – Dean Hollands Quick Start Challenge Review Week 2

The week 2 webinar kicked off with Dean reviewing the responses on the Week 1 Challenge which was to create a blog. This was the blog that you are now viewing Phil Richards Internet Marketing Promotion. Dean was pleasantly surprised with the number of challengers who had completed  a blog and submitted these for review by Dean. In total there were several hundred challenge blogs submitted for review which was a mammoth response and evidenced all the good work that the challengers had gone to by taking action and was testimony to Deans motivation and training techniques. The instruction focus of the webinar for week 2 was detailing the free traffic methods which Dean has used successfully himself in the past and he then shared the strategies with us for implementing these on our blogs. Traffic is the lifeblood of a website or blog and our second week challenge would be to implement these techniques for ourselves. I will review the week 3 and 4 strategies of internet marketing promotion in a supplementary post as  this one is getting a little long.

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