Internet Marketing Promotion

I have been very interested in Internet Marketing Promotion and running an Internet business for some time and have spent quite a considerable time and effort to date in an attempt to learn the best methods to be able to earn a living from the internet. I have avoided to this point any mentoring programs but this is now set to change. I have decided to take part in Dean Holland’s Quick Start Challenge. Dean Holland is a well respected internet marketer and regular contributor on the Warrior Forum. Dean will act as a mentor to me and will present a series of webinars, which are a type of seminar presented via the internet and Dean will also provide further training materials which I will follow from his Quick Start Challenge website.  The Warrior Forum is a great source of material relating to internet marketing and a valuable reference when considering any type of  internet marketing promotion.

Internet Marketing Promotion Statistics

Check out the following stats to understand why starting an online business is of interest for me. The internet is estimated to be worth globally over nearly $1 trillion. Worldwide web sales will reach $963 billion by, Goldman Sachs predicts. Worldwide e-commerce sales will reach $963.0 billion by 2013, growing at an annual rate of 19.4%, predicts Goldman Sachs in an annual report on Internet commerce. In the U.S., the investment bank predicts 12.4% growth during the next three years to $235.3 billion in online retail sales. There are currently over 35% of the whole world population using the internet and this figure is forecast to grow year on year. The data shows there was only 18% internet usage so the growth within the 5 year period has been over 17%.   Source

Internet Marketing Promotion – Reasons Why

I have been involved in learning internet marketing over the past year or so and have invested probably hundreds of hours and likely thousands of dollars learning the methods and techniques required to make a living on the internet. I have been successful earning small amounts of revenue from the internet, more on this via another post to follow but my earnings to date have been very irregular and not sufficient to-date to repay the amount that I have currently invested or even a decent holiday as yet. On the plus side the earnings which I now receive ensure that I am not burning money and I am hopeful that by following Dean’s mentoring that I will begin to be able to start earning regular sustainable income that I can grow as my experience increases. The method that I am now employing is to only invest in really credible training programs and to use my money wisely to build an internet business. I would recommend this to anyone considering learning internet marketing do not invest in large ticket items unless you are very confident in their and your ability to repay this investment back many times over. Follow along with my internet marketing promotion progress and hopefully you can learn by my example and it may hopefully save you making some of the same mistakes that I have made and no doubt will make a few more of in the future in my quest to learn internet marketing.

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