Local Citations and the way They Effect Your Online Presence

Are you getting the most from Your local Marketing Strategy?

Generally if you find out that you’ve received a “citation” it’s a bad thing, however in the internet marketing world, the exact opposite is true. When you own a company and you’ve heard about or found out about citations, you might have been puzzled by just what these are.

A citation on the internet is the term for whenever your business details are listed on a website. For instance, listings like local web directories, for example Yelp.com, YellowPages.com, and SuperPages.com.

Likewise, citations are found on other kinds of sites like local blogs and forums, media websites, job sites, social networking sites, government web sites, the Chamber of Commerce web site, and also anything else that could refer to your business.

Whether the mention has any connection to your own company’s site or not, or whether it is just your company’s brand being pointed out, it’s still regarded as a citation. Similarly, whether the citation is negative or positive it is still counted as a citation.

The Reason why Citations Are Great

Any kind of online coverage for your business brings focus on your products or services, which you’ll certainly reap the benefits of. Direct exposure opens you up   to prospective who may have earlier passed you by; and citations perform an important role in helping you interact with these types of potential customers.

Furthermore, citations are crucial for SEO these days. Google along with other search engines like Yahoo! use citations to position your company. The greater citations you’ve got, the higher your site can place in the SERP’s  (Search Engine Ranking Positions). An increased position indicates a lot more online traffic, which often equates to a lot more business for you.

So what exactly is the main element that will get more citations to your company? Whilst there are a number of ways to do this, the whole thing comes down to creating much more of a presence on the web.

Even so, a number of components should be considered whenever creating these types of citations.

Tricks for Citations

At the minimum, your own citations must state your company’s official name, your own physical address, as well as your regional telephone number (also known as NAP for “Name, Address, Phone Number”) – and whatever else that informs the search engines or a client just who you might be.

Much more essential is that all your citations are consistent and include the same exact information. Making use of various addresses and phone numbers (with the exception of the case of several areas) could damage your ability to get any advantages from them.

Lastly, a citation is ideal when it’s combined with the maximum amount of information regarding your company as possible. So make sure to add your hours of operations, photos, video clips, information about your products or services, as well as any additional helpful tips you believe your potential customers want to have.

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