How A Right CMS Can Boost Your SEO Efforts

Gone are the days when only custom-coded websites used to rule on Google. In fact, more business owners are moving towards Content Management Systems like WordPress and Joomla for obvious reasons. 

Let’s see how you can leverage these CMS for your business and get more exposure online. 

How CMS platforms work

Most CMS platforms take up the titles of your respective posts and create a custom permalink accordingly. These long URLs (or permalinks) do certainly not search or user-friendly – you need to optimize them during the On-Page activity. 

While having the URL’s keyword isn’t a huge ranking factor, it certainly won’t hurt to follow this practice during the on-page optimization process. Each post you’re writing really should be focused on a central idea or keyword. Take your focus keyword and include it in the link. Almost all the CMS platforms like Shopify and WordPress have plugins and tools that help you carry out proper on-page optimization for your website. 


WordPress is one of the most Content Management Systems (CMS) on the internet today. It powers around thirty percent of the websites in 2021. It truly is engineered for blog creation, and you can modify and manage the whole blog using various themes and plugins available in WordPress. WordPress is the preferred choice of marketers due to its plethora of customization options and easy user interface. 

WordPress provides features like -integrated link management, help for tagging the posts and article, multiple author ability, and most importantly, search engine friendly URL. That’s exactly why WordPress is among the most famous blog publishing platforms.WordPress has been coded in PHP with MYSQL as being the backend for maintaining a database. WordPress development is simple, it’s intuitive, and thus, it’s popular.


Joomla is designed and created in a manner to ensure ease of use for your user. You do not have to fret over the application’s installation and running because it just needs a group of clicks to get installed and run on your website. You can upgrade, update and add different modules and content on your own website without needing to be worried about having any know-how about CMS generally. It is an intuitive application that will require just a basic perception of how you would like the website to be presented and what goes where.

Joomla also comes with internet hosting services. You can choose a hosting service where Joomla works the best, that is, it opens up your website in as few seconds as possible. There are also sample codes for website functionality and documentation available on websites like Code Canyon that make life easy. Considering the host of features it comes with, Joomla is a blessing to work on for any digital marketing expert.

The Importance of Leveraging SEO Expertise

The SEO experts are very trained. They really know what SEO optimization method will help your site. They will analyze each and every aspect of your website. By analyzing your website, they will determine what aspect of the website needs improvement. For example, should your site have poor link structure, they will assist you in cross-linking between the inner pages so that your blog becomes more SEO-friendly

As SEO experts, they understand what steps need to be taken for getting your website on the first page of search engines like Google. 

Wrapping Up

Choosing an SEO-friendly URL for your website ensures that it appears in the search results of search engines and stays there. 

Your website’s search engine rankings see a remarkable boost from names that focus largely on keywords targeting your core business objectives. These SEO-friendly names help you entice your customers, upping your online conversions and opening multiple revenue streams to your online enterprise.

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