Stay Clear And Beware Of Email And Internet Scams

I’m going to make this a quick and straight to the point post. A lot of you have sent me personal stories and information about things that have happened to you through email after my last post that was about Internet Marketer Scammers. I was quite shocked by the amount of people who have replied to dodgy emails, open emails with viruses, lost a lot of money through scams and believed some of the far fetched stories you can get through email which I will briefly elaborate on more and please do share this post. After my last post, I began a discussion in the Wealthy Affiliate forum about this matter and some of the stories by the ordinary folk, tricked and scammed where horrendous, urging me on to do this post.

Never Ever Open A Dodgy Email

Yes, that sounds simple and just plane common sense, but, I am writing this post for people who actually may not be aware of some of the quite brilliant scams in email there are out there and here I will give a few examples of the scams I constantly receive to be vigilant of.

1.  Paypal. If you use Paypal you are bound to at some get some sort of email stating things like ‘Your Paypal account needs urgent attention’ or ‘Your Paypal has reached it’s limitations’ please click through to fix this problem.

2.  Credit Cards. Again, you get emails, ‘your credit card balance has reached it’s limit’ or ‘There is a problem with your card’ or ‘Please contact us about a problem with your card’ and much more.

3.  Companies you use. I use the companies 1 and 1 for domains, and Hostgator. I receive emails by both  stating ‘There is a problem with your last payment’ or ‘there is a problem with your account’ and then ask please click through and sign in to address this problem.

4. Hotmail/Yahoo/Gmail. ‘Please contact us as there is a problem with your account’ and so on.

5.  My favourites. Now, I am quite sure many of you receive these emails as I know a lot of my friends do, mails like ‘Hi, this is Doctor Muamba, my family died in a plane crash, I have 5 million I need to get out of my home here in Africa/Asia and I need your help’.

Now there are many different mails like this, someone dying of cancer, someone needing help as they are starving and so on and to me they are hilarious and you would think, nobody will fall for this, but, shock horror, a lot do and that is the reason why these mails are constantly sent to hundreds of thousands of mail boxes because all it takes is one, just one, and these are mostly vulnerable people who fall for this.

What Not To Do

This is very simple. Whatever mail you get and especially all the above and all mails similar to above, when you have any suspicions, DO NOT CLICK THROUGH on any circumstances. If you actually believe there may be a problem with an account and as I have learned in the past, you simply open up a new browser and contact the company through it, asking them to clarify the email and also to report the type of mail your received which is very important so they can be wary and report the scam to their costumers. The whole idea of these scams is to get you to click through and give your email details which will be recorded and accounts broken into to. So it is very simple, any mail asking to click through, to sign in and solve a problem, ignore the email and contact the company. That is it, quite impossible then for your account/bank/email details to be leaked, and if you get any mail by any person with a sob story, please, just laugh and delete. Please share this post. You would be blown away by the amount of people been scammed every day because of a simple unbeknownst mistake, also, if you have ever fallen for a scam or have any others to be wary of, please leave a comment below, let us all know, spread the word, protect each other.

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