You Want to Get More Customers Find Solutions to Their Problems

These statistics tell us two things. The first is that there are more internet users than ever. People use the internet to find solutions to their problems. Your conversion rates could skyrocket if you can teach customers how to solve their problems in just a few clicks.

This applies to more than just how-to searches. They have an itch to eat, no matter if they are looking for recipes on Pinterest or Facebook. They have a desire that they want to fulfill.

These are what we call “pain points” in marketing. We also know that people will pay more if they have a solution for their pain points.

Quick Take-Aways

Identifying your customers’ pain points and providing targeted solutions is crucial. This will help you build a successful marketing strategy that increases conversion rates.

You can help your customers in many ways, including assisting them in saving money and answering their burning questions.

You can make your brand an “influencer” and a trusted authority figure by giving your audience the information they require when they need it.

Once you have gained the trust of your customers, the next step is to get them to purchase your products and services.

She heads to her local grocer to buy cinnamon to solve her problem. She believes in a container despite the high cost. She also purchases a few other items while she’s there. That’s it.

Create a targeted marketing strategy

Now imagine you are the grocer’s competitor. Although you may seem smaller than the other guy, your knowledge is far superior.

It’s October, and many women visit farmers’ markets to buy apples.

Also, you know that cinnamon, sugar, and flour are the essential ingredients of almost every apple dessert.

The first thing that you should do is to put the items on sale.

This is not all. You can also create two ads on Google Ads. This is because Pinterest can be 2.3x more efficient per click and offer twice the return on your retail advertising spend. Because banner ads have 99 problems, you don’t buy them. A click is one!

You can also place another advertisement on Facebook for the same reason. People love spending time on social media during weekends. Likely, the conversation will eventually turn to Mom’s apple pie. It’s autumn, after all.

You’ve bought some Google Search ads and promoted a few Pinterest pins.

These sites weren’t just thrown to the winds. These sites had powerful analytics and optimized the content for SEO so you could target precisely those people who were looking for apple dessert recipes.

Women in their middle years

Women whose children are old enough for them to go off and do something else than hang out at the house on weekends

Women who have visited recipe sites before

Women who shop at sales

Women living less than five miles from your grocery store are considered rural women.

Even the time was necessary: Saturday afternoons and mornings in October and September. It is when your ideal customers will return from the market.

Give your customer a simple solution to their problem.

This alternate scenario is where Olivia comes across your ads before she heads to the store of her competitor.

Your promoted Pinterest pin is what she sees when she searches online for recipes. It looks like any other pin to her – it has a photo of an apple crisp and a link to your apple crisp recipe. It’s exactly what she wants!

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